A Word from our Sponsors

Srinath Anantharaman, CEO, ClioSoft Inc.

"Being a provider of SoC design data and IP management software. It is heartening to see the renewed focus on IPs and IP reuse to make design reuse real. As always, we appreciate Jim Hogan’s continuing efforts to help EDA companies give back to Silicon Valley, the area that has nurtured all of us. ClioSoft is proud to be a sponsor for the Heart of Technology and the SJSU Guardian Scholars Program, and we look forward to a great time at the party."

Isadore Katz, CEO, CLK Design Automation

"CLKDA is proud to support Heart of Technology and the SJSU Guardian Scholars Program. It is a great opportunity to give back to Silicon Valley in thanks for the opportunities it created for all of us in the EDA industry."

Mike Gianfagna, Vice President, Marketing, eSilicon Corporation

“eSilicon is pleased to once again sponsor the Heart of Technology IP party. As an ASIC supplier and an IP provider, we’re glad to see the growing focus on IP at DAC. We’re also delighted that we can help to give back to the community as part of our sponsorship. Peace & love (& IP) to all.”

Graham Bell, Vice President, Marketing, Real Intent

"Real Intent is delighted to be a sponsor of the Love IP Party at DAC. The event is one of a series of different fundraisers by the Heart of Technology philanthropic organization led by EDA's own Jim Hogan. Jim realizes that at the heart of what we do is helping people to have better, more successful lives. Raising money for the San Jose State Guardian Scholars Program for underprivileged and homeless students means we can bring along the next generation of technical innovators. And the event will be a lot of fun, with the usual suspects Jill Jacobs and Sean O'Kane. You won't want to miss it."

Amit Gupta, CEO, Solido Design Automation

“We appreciate Jim Hogan’s efforts to bring the EDA and semiconductor community together at the Design Automation Conference each year, in a way that also benefits a local charity. We are happy to sponsor this worthy cause.”

Grant Pierce, CEO, Sonics, Inc.

"Sonics is extremely proud to once again sponsor the Heart of Technology event at DAC. The Love IP Party is a great way to bring special attention to the IP industry at the conference while giving back to the local community. This is our favorite DAC party and we enjoy performing in the evening's musical entertainment as well as participating in the fund raising for a great cause, underprivileged and homeless students. Thanks to Jim Hogan and HOT for providing this opportunity for corporate social responsibility and congratulations on the outstanding work to this year's charity, the San Jose State Guardian Scholars Program. We look forward to playing some cool jazz at this HOT Summer of Love."