IP Track at DAC

DAC 2015The DAC IP Track is a two-day program (June 8th & 9th, 2015) designed to bring together the users and the creators of IP to discuss both the benefits and challenges of using IP to accelerate the development of new electronics devices, as well as improving the quality of the devices.

The 2015 DAC IP Track has 5 Topic areas: Low Power, IP implementation, IP integration, IP verification and IP management.  The DAC IP committee of industry experts chose these focus areas to cover the entire life cycle of IP design — you need to build it, verify it, integrate it and of course manage the whole process.  And today, as everything (including much of IoT)  is mobile, Low Power is a special focus.

Each Topic area starts off with a Paper Session of 4 papers, selected from the dozens submitted by designers to the IP Track, and then concludes with a Panel Session with industry experts we've assembled to discuss the topic, in light of the papers just presented.  The tracks are presented one at a time during Monday and Tuesday, so you don't need to choose between them — you can see them all.

You do need to register to attend the DAC IP Track — visit www.dac.com today and sign up for the Designer Special.